Empire BT Grenade Pouch
The Grenade/Smoke Pouch from Empire Battle Tested Paintball is designed to mount to any MOLLE style vest. It includes double snaps to accommodate any size paint or smoke grenade with side-stretch panels for larger devices.

Our price: CA$10.95
Empire BT ID Pouch
The Empire Battle Tested Universal ID Pouch has multiple Velcro™ spots for name tags, or to move the included 12-gram/10 round tube holder to the exterior of the pouch. You can place the 12 gram CO2 cartridges in the removable holder and attach it either inside the pouch or outside the pouch.

Our price: CA$13.15
Empire BT Multi Holster
The Empire Battle Tested Combat Multi-Holster is truly a one size fits all paintball pistol holster. The multiple layers of VelcroTM adjustment enables this paintball pistol holster to fit today’s most popular paintball pistols. The two-way stretch material on the holster’s spine even stretches to fit the muscle of the Empire Battle Tested SA-17 pistol!

Our price: CA$21.95
Empire BT Multi Pouch
The Empire Battle Tested Multi-Pouch has multiple pockets and is perfect for storing ID, money, car keys, tools, spare parts, spare batteries, squeegees, or other personal items. Every player needs to carry items that cannot be lost, so carrying it in the Empire Battle Tested Multi Pouch will allow the owner to focus on paintball instead of looking for car keys.

Our price: CA$16.45
Empire BT Radio Pouch
The Empire Battle Tested Radio Pouch is designed to hold most of the popular hand-held radios available today. The stretch flap fits a wide range of radios or GPS units. When mounted on a MOLLE vest from Empire Battle Tested Paintball, you’ll be able to stay in touch when in the middle of the firefight.

Our price: CA$10.95