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Paintball Goggles


Empire E-Flex Goggle System
Combining the best features of the Empire® E-Vent™ and JT ProFlex™ paintball goggles, Empire Paintball has created the e-Flex™ goggle system.

Our price: CA$135.95
Empire E-Vent Goggle System
The E’Vent’s lens system is a very advanced and optically correct lens. Although at first glance it looks like a flat lens, it actually changes in thickness to maintain the best optical quality possible.

Our price: CA$109.95
Empire Helix Thermal Goggle System
The Helix Thermal model takes player comfort and upgradability to new levels. The Dual Density foam giving players the best comfort and the interchangeable thermal lens puts an end to fogging.

Our price: CA$39.95
Extreme Rage X-Ray Goggles
Extreme Rage X-Ray goggles are the perfect set for beginners. Their lightweight design and 260 degree lens gives you the freedom to get into the action and not worry about what you can and can't see.

Our price: CA$24.95
JT Flex-8 Goggles
Exclusive“ dual-fusion” technology has helped us produce a revolutionary exoskeleton that can be found in our Flex-8™ system.

Our price: CA$89.95
JT Proflex Goggles
Proflex™ systems are built for the professional and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.”

Our price: CA$110.00