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Paintball Barrels

Paintball Barrels


Empire BT Apex 2 Barrel System
The APEX2 Barrel System has again redefined how paintball is played. The new stealth look of the APEX2 Barrel will provide you with unmatched distance and accuracy enabling you to hit targets that you thought were unhittable before.

Our price: CA$54.40
Empire Super Freak Complete Barrel System
The Empire Super Freak Paintball Barrel Kit its a three-piece barrel consisting of a front section (tip), a back section (back) and five sized, aluminum inserts. The inserts are used to match the size of the paintball to the barrel to create the most accurate and consistent barrel system available.

Our price: CA$219.99
Invert Nightstick Ion Thread
Empire Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrels are an excellent solution for greatly improving accuracy without spending a fortune. These lightweight barrels have set the benchmark for accuracy and with their Carbon Fiber construction, they can also significantly reduce your noise signature. Pretty handy in a tight spot.

Our price: CA$20.00