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Operation: Rat Trap - Airsoft Scenario Game

Operation: Rat Trap - Airsoft Scenario Game

A full scale airsoft scenario game, featuring unique gameplay and scenario concepts to immerse players into an airsoft experience unlike any other.

Visit: http://www.flagswipepaintball.com/rattrap for complete game rules and details.

Special Features:
-Special sniper rules in effect
-Unique gunner roles based on equipment
-Full field referee coverage
-Medics/Bleedout rules
-Dynamic missions

Held at Flagswipe's Outdoor Scenario Field, featuring 60 acres of playable area, including an urban tactical setting, wooded areas, breech and clear buildings, sniper towers, underground pill box bunkers and so on.

Historically we've seen over 120 people in attendance at this well organized scenario. The local airsoft community has been growing steadily in the past few years and this year we're expecting no less than 150 players.

Working in tandem, Flagswipe and PSL Airsoft have carefully crafted each mission to play out naturally, forcing players to work strategically and encouraging deep tactical play. PSL Airsoft is Flagswipe's newest Airsoft Sponsored Team and their knowledge of our fields and airsoft gameplay has really enhanced the game experience we believe Operation: Rat Trap will deliver.

We've got many surprises in store for this year's installment of Operation: Rat Trap™. With features like special gunner's roles and unique sniper rules, we're confident every type of airsoft player will be represented and be equally important to the overall success of the team.
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