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G&G 50 Round Magazine for SR25
G&G 50rd Magazine for SR25

Our price: CA$35.00
G&G 600 Round Highcap AK Magazine
G&G 600 Round AK 47 high cap Magazine black. This magazine features the classic stamped metal look of an AK 47 Magazine.

Our price: CA$35.00
G&G 80 Round Magazine for M14
G&G 80rd Standard Magazine for M14 AEG

Our price: CA$35.00
G&G 450 Round HighCap M4 Magazine
G&G High Capacity 450 Round M4 / M16 Airsoft Magazine

A magazine for the M4/M16 and compatible AEGs made by G&G. This Hi Cap is based off of the real steel magazines and holds 450 rounds.

Our price: CA$36.00
7.4v Lipo 1200mAh 20C Stick
This is your standard Lipo battery. Lipo batteries are advantageous as they last longer, and are not affected by cold weather like Ni/MH batteries. However, care must be taken when using a Lipo battery to ensure lifespan and that damage is not caused to the battery. This battery will perform roughly the same as a 9.6v Ni/MH small type battery.

Our price: CA$39.00
G&G 370 Round Magazine for SG550
This high capacity magazine holds 370 rounds and fits all G&G SIG airsoft rifles, including the SG550 and SG553. The SIG hicap may also fit other TM compatible SIG style airsoft rifles. The clips on either side of the magazine allow for multiple magazines to be attached to each other for easy carry.

Our price: CA$39.00
G&G 500 Round Magazine for G3
G&G 500rd G3 Series Magazine.

Our price: CA$39.00
G&G 530 Round Magazine for UMG
G&G 530 Round Magazine for UMG

•G&G UMG 530 round Hicap AEG Magazine
•Manufacturer: G&G Armament
•Capacity: 530 rounds
•Material: Polycarbonate
•Type: Airsoft AEG
•Compatibility: G&G UMG AEGs ONLY

Our price: CA$39.00
11.1v Lipo 1200mAh 20C Stick
The 11.1v Lipo battery is for the most part, the most powerful battery available for airsoft guns. It will provide the highest fire rate, and it only suggested for guns that are built to take the extra stress. Use of this battery will also void most warranties on airsoft guns. This is suggested only for experienced players.

Our price: CA$39.99
Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for Li-Ion and Polymer Battery
Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for Li-Ion and Polymer Battery Pack 3.7V - 14.8v

Our price: CA$40.00
Universal Smart Charger Ni/MH
This universal smart charger is something every player should have. Capable of charging all Ni/MH airsoft batteries. It has two charge settings for fast or slow charge. It also comes with large to small Tamiya conncetor adapter, as well as gator clip adapter.

Our price: CA$40.00
G&G 15 Round Standard Magazine for G96
•G&G 15R Standard Gas Magazine for G96
•Spare Magazine for G&G's G96 Gas sniper rifle

Our price: CA$52.00