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Empire Axe PRO
The all-new Axe Pro is a battle-hardened axe designed for warfare. The mad genius of Empire's R&D team took a great marker and tweaked, refined and re-designed it to create the original Axe's new badass big brother. The improved ergonomics makes it feel better in your hand and the Redline OLED board gives the Axe Pro a bigger brain. It is easier to maintain due to the updated bolt removal system, accessible Eyes and a reduction of screw sizes that require only 2 hex wrenches for adjustment. The Axe Pro also includes upgrades like: improved waterproofing, compact-relay ASA, new trigger & trigger guard, better clamping feedneck and accurate two-piece Driver XX barrel. Axe PRO...need we say more!?!

-Full feature Redline OLED board with joystick navigation
-Now only 2 hex wrenches needed for all screws on the Axe Pro
-Improved ergonomics in grip frame & foregrip
-Re-designed grip frame has deep angled comfort design
-Improved weather-proofing including waterproof gasket around battery door
-More robust foregrip mounting design
-Simpler push-button in-line bolt removal system
-New smaller, more compact Relay ASA
-Improved ASA attachment, no more set screws
-Polished two piece barrel with standard Bore size .688 improved accuracy & efficiency
-7.5" Control bore & spiral porting for excellent ball on ball accuracy that is cross compatible with Pipe barrel backs
-New trigger design with modular trigger guard
-Trigger pin removed in favor of screw for easier Trigger maintenance
-Externally serviceable Eyes, no longer requiring marker disassembly for Eye maintenance
-Double Eye system that is easy to clean
-Rubber nub-style ball detents
Weight 4.00 lbs
Our price: CA$799.95
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