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Empire 48/4500 Carbon Fiber HPA Tank (CLONE)

Empire 48/4500 Carbon Fiber HPA Tank (CLONE)
The Empire 48cui 4500psi tank delivers a consistent standard output pressure of 850 psi. Picking up an HPA for generally most markers will immediately increase accuracy and velocity consistency. The side 5000psi gauge is also extremely useful as takes the guess work from Co2 tanks to find how much air you have left! HPA Tanks are necessary to be used to most mid to high end markers such as Proto, Dangerous Power, Bob Long and Planet Eclipse! This is one of the best upgrades you can do for your gun without having to make any major internal modifications to your gun. Screws in the same area where your old tank would in the ASA and keeps up with all rates of fire consistently!

-Increase accuracy and velocity consistently immediately by using HPA Tanks
-Regulated Output Pressure @ 850psi
-Carbon Fibre wrap tank allows more volume and pressure to be hold without increasing weight
-5000psi Gauge shows level of HPA left in your tank
-Works generally with all markers both low to high end
-Compatible with all Remote Lines
-No modification or custom work needed to be done on marker to work with HPA
-Must need product to be used on the majority of Mid to High End markers. i.e. Proto, Bob Long, Dangerous Power, Planet Eclipse & Dye

-Propellant: High pressure compressed air or Nitrogen
-Tank Material: Carbon Fibre Wrap with Steel Core
-Bonnet Threading: ASA Standard
-Output Pressure: 850psi
-Maximum Filled Pressure: 4500psi (Pounds per square inch)
-Size of Tank: 48cui (Cubic Inches)
-Weight: 1.18 kg / 2.26 lbs
-Shots per tank: 700-800 (Varies between paintball gun model and brand)
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