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Empire Battle Tested (BT)

Empire Battle Tested (BT)
Empire Battle Tested has long been a leader in scenario and woodsball. Their line up of rugged, reliable markers have been an industry standard since BT first began. Their flagship marker, the BT-4 has sold millions of units worldwide, and continues to be the number one choice for entry level paintball markers. Add to that their assortment of scenario gear and accessories and it's no wonder Empire Battle Tested has risen so quickly to the top of their field.


Gravity Feed Loader
Simple, elegant, cheap...

Our price: CA$7.95
BT-4 Combat Slice
With the Empire BT4 Slice feature, remove the hopper and just pull one of the shell pins and open it up to get inside to clean.

Our price: CA$159.95
BT Omega
The newly redesigned Empire Battle Tested Omega paintball marker will take you into battle without breaking the bank!

Our price: CA$179.95
BT Delta
For the scenario or woodsball player who wants realism, Battle Tested Paintball offers the Delta paintball gun. Based on the world's most recognizable sub-machine gun in the world.

Our price: CA$241.95
BT Delta Elite
Battle Tested Paintball strives to create markers with real-world look and feel. The Delta Elite™ paintball gun design is based on the world’s pre-eminent submachine gun and is the choice of many players who desire authenticity.

Our price: CA$429.95
BT TM-15
The TM - 15™ paintball marker is an excellent choice for any woodsball or mil-sim enthusiast. It’s high performance body is strong, yet light enough in weight for all-day action.

Our price: CA$549.95
Empire Battle Tested introduces a new, shorter carbine version of the TM-15 marker for more maneuverability and CQB.

Our price: CA$599.95