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JT Paintball
JT has been a player in the paintball industry for quite some time. Most renowned for their goggles (which are super comfortable), JT has nestled itself as a staple of the paintball community.


JT Screw Kit
JT ProFlex mask screw kit,
4 screws
4 nuts

Our price: CA$4.95
Splatmaster Z100 Pistol Clip
If you're ready to up your SplatMaster game, look no further than extra z100 Pistol Clips! Holding up to 7 rounds is great, holding multiple magazines is better!

Our price: CA$9.99
Splatmaster Marksman Target
Ready, aim, fire! Splat Marks the Spot. This durable bullseye target stands over 3 feet tall. A ground spike allows for quick set up, while the modular stakes make storage a snap.

Our price: CA$14.99
Splatmaster Optix Upgrade Kit
Ready to take your game from target shooting to playing player versus player games? Well, that’s easy and safe to do with the addition of the JT SplatMaster Optix Upgrade system.

Our price: CA$15.99
JT Proflex strap
JT ProFlex strap, available in lime green/purple or White/Teal

Our price: CA$19.95
JT Proflex Green Ears
JT ProFlex Green Rubber Ear

Our price: CA$24.95
JT Proflex White Ears
White JT ProFlex ears, standard rubber ear

Our price: CA$24.95
Splatmaster Optix Goggles
Safety is Priority #1 for JT SplatMaster, and JT SplatMaster Optix provides you complete eye protection. JT SplatMaster Optix meets or exceeds regulated ASTM safety standards for eye protection against JT SplatMaster Ammo.

Our price: CA$24.99
Splatmaster Target Tree
Show off your JT SplatMaster skills with this 30” tall Target Tree. Six spinning targets provide you hours of fun while sharpening your marksmanship.

Our price: CA$26.99
JT Elite Delta 3 Airsoft Goggles
JT Delta 3 airsoft goggles are an entry level goggle with pro performance. Included are hard ear pieces and a face mask for added protection on the field.

Our price: CA$29.95
JT Proflex Bottoms Blue Black
JT ProFlex Bottoms with safety strap Blue and Black

Our price: CA$29.95
JT Spectra Thermal Lens
JT lenses pass the American ASTM standard and the European EC Standard, but testing doesn't stop there. JT shoots them, stomps them, hits them with 1/4 inch steel balls at 400 fps, runs over them, and lets the dog chew them. And that proves one thing - JT lenses meet an even higher standard - the JT Standard.

Our price: CA$29.95