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JT Paintball
JT has been a player in the paintball industry for quite some time. Most renowned for their goggles (which are super comfortable), JT has nestled itself as a staple of the paintball community.


Splatmaster Z200 Pump Action Shotgun
Terminator has nothing on the JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun. The smooth, quick pump action and 15 rounds of Ammo make for endless shooting fun.

Our price: CA$59.99
Splatmaster Z100 Pistol Clip
If you're ready to up your SplatMaster game, look no further than extra z100 Pistol Clips! Holding up to 7 rounds is great, holding multiple magazines is better!

Our price: CA$9.99
Splatmaster Z300 Sniper
The JT SplatMaster z300 Sniper takes the JT SplatMaster fun to a whole new level. The z300 increases distance to over 120', which is sure to enhance your game.

Our price: CA$69.99
JT Flex Airsoft Goggle
JT Flex masks have long been hailed as the most comfortable goggle on earth. The Flex airsoft goggle is no exception. Based on the classic JT Flex design, these goggles are extremely comfortable and include a thermal lens with a 260° view so you won't miss any of the action! For all players from beginner to pro, these airsoft goggles will not disappoint.

Our price: CA$49.95
JT Vortex Fan System for Goggles
The Vortex™ Fan features a high speed motor which quietly extracts humid air from inside the goggle and exchanges it with cool air in seconds!

Our price: CA$29.95
Splatmaster Optix Upgrade Kit
Ready to take your game from target shooting to playing player versus player games? Well, that’s easy and safe to do with the addition of the JT SplatMaster Optix Upgrade system.

Our price: CA$15.99
Splatmaster Optix Goggles
Safety is Priority #1 for JT SplatMaster, and JT SplatMaster Optix provides you complete eye protection. JT SplatMaster Optix meets or exceeds regulated ASTM safety standards for eye protection against JT SplatMaster Ammo.

Our price: CA$24.99
Splatmaster Z100 Pistol
Get in the Game with the JT SplatMaster z100 Pistol. Real slide action loads your Ammo to make the perfect shot. The quick release magazine holds 7 rounds of Ammo - just make sure you have back up magazines for quick reloads.

Our price: CA$40.00
JT Flex-8 Full Head Protection
Exclusive“ dual-fusion” technology has helped us produce a revolutionary exoskeleton that can be found in our Flex-8™ system.

Our price: CA$89.95
JT Proflex White Ears
White JT ProFlex ears, standard rubber ear

Our price: CA$24.95
JT Elite Delta 3 Airsoft Goggles
JT Delta 3 airsoft goggles are an entry level goggle with pro performance. Included are hard ear pieces and a face mask for added protection on the field.

Our price: CA$29.95
JT Proshield Goggles
The Proshield™ is the original goggle system in the Spectra™ line. It features the 260 degree visibility of the Spectra™ lens and features the reliable protective coverage that you’d expect from our Spectra™ goggle systems.

Our price: CA$57.95